Our solution

Gen provides one single development environment that can be used to maintain enterprise-scale applications and deploy to multiple platforms without the need to re-write the code in another language.

That means your developers will only need one set of skills to code your applications and deploy to multiple platforms.

If your applications are already in Gen, Facet can help you by providing a tailored comprehensive analysis, plan, and execution of your re-platforming project.

If your applications are not in Gen, Facet can transform your application into Gen, and you will benefit from its multi-platform features.

We help our customers

Deliver Gen upgrades

We have delivered dozens of Gen upgrades and have both the tools and expertise to reduce risk and completion time.

Provide Gen resources

We can provide Consulting reviews for application performance, DevOps processes and architectural options as well as onsite or offsite developer resources.

Modernise your applications

Use automated refactoring tools to consolidate disparate data sources (eg VSAM->DB2) and simplify and expose existing COBOL codebases.

Move to new platforms

The commoditisation of infrastructure is offering new opportunities to lower operational costs. We help evaluate, plan and deliver these changes.

Share the knowledge

Our experience is not just to be kept to ourselves. We offer Training that fits the needs and experience of your internal teams.